Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Civil Disobedience

There are many positive things to change. Examine these webrings for detailed information to begin personal and regional change without mass social recognition or acceptance. Because change is not automatically recognized, some people choose to express their desire for change to others to effect world change.

The best way to civilly disobey is to just be, and to be with others who are like and unlike you. you don't need to walk down main street with a colored flag or pass out fliers, although you may. By existing as a single person who accepts and is change, you are powerful. Two are even more powerful. Take the time to connect with friends who are interested in the cause you follow. They are your greatest research partners and advocates. By being part of a society that embraces change and behaves in a certain way you sociologically encourage others to consider your ways. Be close to and love the Lord, your creator. He has made you and everyone you will ever meet.
By trying to connect with others and discussing the topics you believe in, you are promoting that change, and bringing it up as a topic internationally. Strive for peace, love, community, and acceptance in light of God's justice and mercy. Reach out to strangers like you would any friend. Imagine any room full of strangers you are in, and see each person as your best friend. You will be excited and pleased!

Visibility is one way of causing a topic you want to be addressed. Providing the answer you believe is best is another excellent way of expression. Debate the topic and investigate examples. Consider your own biases for or against the topic and the rights and freedoms granted in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the hearts of the good everywhere.

Take no revenge. Make no violent acts or plans. Avoid violent thought. Seek to rationalize and understand and neutralize every negative emotion and thought you experience, whether yours or others'. Know that justice does not flow from you but from God. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Do not harm others in protest or defense. Act as a world and local community and obey the laws of that community. Do what is right and seek to please and obey others. When there is power, share it. Never lie. Never do something you would lie about. Do not fear lies or anything else. Do not promote fear in others. Teach honestly. Try to be comfortable answering any question and discussing any topic that honors God.

Americans and democracies in particular have been given the opportunity and duty to participate in their government. You create the law, you build the power of the world.

If you believe marijuana should be legal, write to your senator about it. Join [approach] communities that promote marijuana. Try not to use marijuana because it is illegal, but seek its legality. Address it as a topic in public or where you are able to.

Investigate those with whom you do business like a caring neighbor. Know the products in the foods you eat and the processes to make the products you use. Know the spirit of the companies you buy from and the state and town you live in. Know and consider the consequences of your actions and try to tailor them to best serve the community and serve God.
Disregard the past negative actions performed by others, except to give them good advice. Do not fear future evils. Demand that evil actions currently occuring cease. Give good advice for actions in the future.


It may arise that you are at a demonstration. A demonstration is a public fair with signs and a purpose. It is an active community event. People at this demonstration have associations other than political or of the demonstration. Many enjoy seafood together, many use computers, many have medical skills. A demonstration or event should be an opportunity to trade information, to create beautiful things and social events together, to make and meet friends, and to encourage and strengthen one another. No demonstration should be violent. A demonstration is not an excuse to riot. It is a community showing of support for a change or a topic. It is an active think tank of good ideas for a topic. Go to these places. Speak with people face to face. Share ideas and encourage and give good advice. This pin is a 2" wide demonstration.

A demonstration also has the possibility of shallow but broadly based international attention. It is wildly exciting to be part of an event that is copied by hundreds of thousands or millions or more people around the globe and in numerous distant cities. But the demonstration is not for the primary purpose of changing those people. It is for strengthening you as a community, and if you can make it a topic by being, excellent. Do not wave signs at those who you believe you oppose, unless you are giving good ideas for the future. Do not point out massive wrongs unless they are ongoing, for the purpose of saving lives in danger and speaking out for individuals who need to be saved.

End world hunger. Here is how.
End world thirst. Here is how.
Make love, not war. Good advice.

Stop using depleted uranium on the battlefield. Stop using the battlefield. It is difficult to argue for peace with a sign, other than the peace sign. War is a complex delusion and requires considerable hours of personal or small group emotional support, spiritual faith, and confidence building. Help can appear through technological and social and emotional breakthroughs for many people who believe war is an answer. As a society, who can destroy us? We are mankind and God loves us. We should love God and love one another.

Keeping this in mind during your life will help keep you and everyone around you happy. Know that your reward is in heaven and on earth and that the Heavenly Father sees everything you do and that is done to you, and the thoughts of every man woman child and being. Free will is yours and everyone's. God has made the whole world and everyone in it. Love.

Examine the teachings and demonstrations of Jesus Christ, Ghandi, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr, John F Kennedy, Nelson Mandella, and others from the peaceful and religious movements.

Images are (c) their owners until money is no longer important and truth is universal.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Statement of Peace

It is my inalienable right as an American to life,

liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The

Constitution also says all men are created equal,

ensuring all American natural rights to all humans.

My first amendment is also inalienable and it cannot

be revoked or rescinded by a contract.

Neither can my right to freedom of religion be

rescinded. I am spiritually opposed to armed

conflict, and Jesus taught us to love one another as

we love ourselves, and to offer no resistance to once

who is evil. I strive to obey these commandments. No

law from the state can alienate me from my right to

serve God.

As of 13 September 2006, there are bills in the US

Senate proposing a military draft for people up

to 44 years old.

A draft is unconstituional. A real war would have

real supporters, not coerced individuals. Let those

who choose to fight go and fight, and let those who

would not fight remain.

It may be so that the freedom to form an armed

militia via the second amendment would be a voluntary

replacement to a draft.

My name is William Bunker and this is my statement of



Join me in this statement by making it or one of your own and reposting it here and on video sites. This is publishing and is a public statement of truth.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Do not go to protest angry. A protest or demonstration are not about venting anger, they are about raising awareness and gathering attention, petitioning others, and making friends. Would you do that best while angry?

It is important in this era to move on beyond the 9/11 era. To do this we must let go of 9/11 and other terrible things that we have collected in memoriam.

"Let us no longer judge one another, but rather resolve never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother."
-Romans 14:13

There is much important activity to do in the future, and the present. Let us be aware of this and not be stuck in the pasts' unforgiveness. God's justice will come, diligent investigations into facts shall continue, and tomorrow will worry for itself. Be good in spirit.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Feeding The Homeless Banned

Feeding the homeless has been banned in Las Vegas for uncharitable reasons. It is wrong to try to prevent charity, and the city's councilors have made a grave error in this measure. They should repent of their indignity and overturn the law before they face the wrath of their unkindness.

In the meantime, I encourage picketers to protest the town's offices and parks and to demand this measure be overturned and economic measures be taken to restore the city's homeless to functional status. I also encourage soup kitchens to be doubled in the city.

This is civil disobedience.